Real Estate Asset Management

Hoffsingel Real Estate BV manages and administers mid-size real estate and real estate structures in a cross-border context. Since 2004, Hoffsingel has operated at the interface of local real estate management and the management of the overarching structure which accommodates the real estate. The integration of these two areas of focus contributes to the efficient management of the real estate portfolio as such.

In addition to traditional real estate management, you can therefore expect Hoffsingel to provide clear financial forecasts and specific real estate advice, as well as financial, legal and tax advice. As a network organisation and with a fixed team, we work with a diverse number of partners who count the above-referenced areas of focus as their core competency. The coordination and integration of these aspects are precisely what Hoffsingel represents.

Hoffsingel currently operates in various countries, including Germany and Belgium.

Our Approach

Because of our many years of experience, we can quickly identify issues as well as solutions. Especially driven and generally pragmatic, but always well-founded. Depending on the complexity of the issue, we can partner with extremely competent (international) specialists with whom we have worked for years.


Hoffsingel has access to a solid network with a proven track record. This enables us to work efficiently and effectively. In this respect we not only maintain a short-term perspective but, more importantly, a long-term perspective as well. Value creation is the key principle in this respect.


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Real Estate Asset Management

From Hoffsingel’s perspective, Real Estate Asset Management is the area of focus among property management, the banks and/or financiers, as well as the investors.

As an independent party, Hoffsingel is perfectly able to act in this area. The following non-exclusive list of activities forms part of Hoffsingel’s service offering:


  • supervising the acquisition process.
  • implementing the selected acquisition structure.
  • providing post-acquisition support for the management of the real estate portfolio as well as the management structure.
  • taking care of regular monitoring & compliance activities to meet the demands of the financing bank(s).
  • providing real estate management services, potentially in cooperation with a local real estate manager.
  • supervising exit programmes.


Cooperation with Specialised Partners

If necessary, all of the above-referenced activities are performed in cooperation with a network of (international) specialists with whom Hoffsingel has been working for many years. The benefit in this respect is that we are well attuned to each other. This enables us to act quickly should the situation require.


Integrated Approach – One Point of Contact

We cover the entire process, from the building’s user to the owner and financiers. Each party with its own interests and objectives. Due to the concentration of information, failure costs are kept to a minimum and everyone feels involved.



We understand the needs of investors, as well as the building-related requirements of users and government organisations, including the associated conflicting areas. We therefore attach a great deal of value to personal contact with all participants. We know the people behind the buildings!


Hoffsingel Real Estate BV was founded in 2004 by Mr Berry Westhoff (1969). More information.


Since then, Hoffsingel has supervised numerous acquisitions for foreign investors, predominantly in the German market. A great deal of experience was gained with the implementation of investment structures and the management of these structures. Hoffsingel retains responsibility for the real estate management and contact with tenants. Since its founding, Hoffsingel has also been involved in redeveloping the buildings in the portfolio and in restructuring real estate portfolios whereby it conducts the direct negotiations with tenants. Hoffsingel has a great deal of experience with commercial real estate such as shopping centres, the well-known specialist shops and fast food, as well as residential real estate. In addition, the company also manages a number of medical care centres. Its method of working is that of a local real estate manager. Accessible and short lines of communication.


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